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Do you want to reduce waste and give meaning to your commitment ?

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Joining an association means defending a cause close to your heart. It also means contributing to the association's development by speaking at general meetings and taking part in external events.

Donate your time

By supporting us in our actions, such as waste collection or characterization you can reinforce our missions and benefit from experience in understanding the problem of abandoned waste.

You can also offer us your professional skills photos, videos, advice, etc. 

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Every partnership is valuable and strengthens our actions. By becoming a partner, we're joining forces to raise awareness about the challenges of diffuse litter !
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Almost all of your donations allow us to continue our coordinated actions to protect our planet.

All donations are tax-deductible

A donation of 20€ costs you less than 7€ and allows MerTerre to distribute a complete "clean-up kit".

A donation of 50€ costs you 17€ and enables MerTerre to help an association to characterize waste.

A donation of 100€ costs you 34€ and enables MerTerre to organize a large-scale clean-up.

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Support us for free by using Besides respecting your privacy on the Internet, this French alternative and solidary to Google allows you to support us a little every day.

Donate your "water drops" to MerTerre

To donate your water drops to MerTerre, simply go to our project page. You can then choose to give us a few drops of water, or to automatically give us all the drops of water generated by your research.

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