By joining the MerTerre association, you'll be playing an active part in reducing the amount of litter in the world, as part of a community of committed and passionate citizens.

Taking action with citizens

We believe in the power of awareness-raising to involve citizens in the fight against litter.

At the same time, over the last few years we've seen a real need for commitment and a desire to give time to join the ecological movement.

How to act together ?

Join a

By supporting us in the field, through actions such as waste collection or characterization, you reinforce our impact.

Learn about the problem

Our educational tools provide
information on the problem of litter
and its impact.

Join MerTerre

Joining MerTerre means contributing to the association's development while supporting a cause close to your heart. By becoming a member, you are invited to take part in general meetings and external events.

Support us

You can offer us your professional skills : photos, videos, advice, etc.
Feel free to follow us and share
our actions on Facebook, Instagram,
Twitter and LinkedIn!

Spotlight on our actions

Thanks to your trust, support, motivation and commitment, we're taking concrete action all over France to protect our terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

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Why should you make a donation ?

Almost all of your donations allow us to continue our coordinated actions to protect our planet.

All donations are tax-deductible

A donation of 20€ costs you less than 7€ and allows MerTerre to distribute a complete "clean-up kit".

A donation of 50€ costs you 17€ and enables MerTerre to help an association to characterize waste.

A donation of 100€ costs you 34€ and enables MerTerre to organize a large-scale clean-up.

The reference documents

Take a look at our support resources.

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Let's meet !

You're a citizen and you'd like to get involved with an association that fights litter ?