We believe in the power of awareness-raising to involve the younger generation in the fight against litter problems.

Taking action with schoolchildren

We believe in the power of awareness-raising to involve the younger generation in the fight against widespread litter.


At the same time, over the last few years we've seen a real need for commitment among younger people, and a desire to give their time and join the ecological movement.

To take action against litter, MerTerre has set up the Adopt’1 Spot program, which has a threefold objective :

  • Raise awareness about litter pollution ;
  • Prevent their spreading in natural and marine environments ;
  • Measure to obtain the data needed for better management of the problem at local and national level, to build an appropriate response and target the resources needed to reduce waste at source.

How to act together ?

We offer educational activities to support your students in the Adopt'1 Spot program throughout the year.

In the classroom

Raising students' awareness of the problem
of widespread litter :

- Origins, patterns, impacts, solutions ;
- Presentation of the program and interests
of participatory science ;
- In the form of animations & workshops.

In the field

Raising students' awareness, presentation of the methodology, assistance with collection and introduction to waste characterization.

Supply of materials.

Adopt'1 Spot is a 3-in-1 participatory science program

that combines education, preservation and monitoring.


It introduces students to the scientific approach in the field, makes them aware of their ability to protect a place and helps them think about possible solutions.

être mises en place pour résoudre laproblématique sur leur spot.

Spotlight on our interventions

The program includes awareness-raising, classroom activities, a waste collection operation with sorting and characterization of the waste to understand the problem of litter on the coast and its impact on the marine environment.

The reference documents

Take a look at our support resources.

Adopt'1 Spot program presentation
Adopt'1 Spot brochure
Zero Dechet Sauvage platform tutorial

Let's meet !

If you're a teacher, a school, a sports club, a community center or a student association and you'd like to get involved in an educational program to tackle widespread littering by adopting a spot, we'd love to hear from you !