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Founded in 2000, MerTerre's main aim is to reduce the amount of litter that ends up in the sea.
To achieve this objective, it proposes to provide knowledge on the quantities, qualities and origins of waste in order to define reduction programs and appropriate means.

Characterize diffuse and marine litter

MerTerre develops standardized methods for characterizing litter for all types of environment (sea, coast, plain, river, mountain, urban) and promotes participatory science on this theme.

MerTerre is creating tools to acquire knowledge, bank and analyze data with the platform for the southern region ReMed Zero Plastic ("Mediterranean Zero Plastic Network") created in 2019 and on a national scale in 2021, Zero Dechet Sauvage. These platforms are being developed with the support of the French Ministry of Ecological Transition and the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region , in partnership with the National Museum of Natural History. They are deployed in local areas by a network of expert co-pilot organizations.

Since 2009, the association has been involved in implementing the French program to monitor wastes stranded in the Mediterranean as part of the DCSMM (Marine Strategy Framework Directive).

Coordinate players, their actions and strengthen their capacity

Since its creation, MerTerre has built up trusting relationships with local organizations, coordinating or supporting large-scale clean-ups, such as Calanques Propres, Huveaune Propre, Provence Propre, Verdon Propre and many others.

Thanks to collaborative platforms, structures can be enhanced, their actions coordinated and data capitalized on. Based on this experience, MerTerre offers to support them in their efforts to increase their capacity to act in an integrated way.

Our approach encourages meetings between stakeholders, leading to collaborative, shared action plans that are better adapted to local conditions.

Raise awareness, educate and centralize solutions

Changes in individual behavior and the operating methods of public services and businesses are achieved through awareness-raising and education.

With this in mind, MerTerre is developing educational and awareness-raising tools that are made available in our resources, in particular the Adopt’1 Spot monitoring system, an educational participatory science program.

MerTerre gives lectures, participates in events and demonstrations, runs awareness-raising stands, and thanks to careful monitoring, centralizes and shares the resources of the network of stakeholders in order to collectively increase skills.

Support the implementation of public policy and draw up targeted prevention plans

Data analysis guides reduction plans and helps evaluate corrective measures.

The association supports local authorities, national and international public authorities, businesses and associations in the co-construction and implementation of plans for the prevention and integrated, concerted management of diffuse abandoned waste.

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