MerTerre stands for caring, solidarity and open-mindedness.

A large part of our mission is to federate and coordinate the players involved.

At MerTerre, we pay particular attention to the quality of our relationships with partner organizations.

We also draw attention to the importance of the quality of the relationships we maintain between associations and, more broadly, between the various players who make up anthropogenic socio-ecosystems.

We are intimately convinced that these principles of relational quality are at the root of a transition towards healthier human ecosystems that are less harmful to non-human beings.


If for over 20 years MerTerre has been putting so much energy and enthusiasm into preserving ecosystems and biodiversity, it is above all because of the passion that drives it.


Through our desire to strengthen
and promote those involved in
waste reduction by
demonstrating attention, empathy
and recognition.


MerTerre is relentless in its determination to apply, step by step, each stage of a strategy that adapts to changes in public policy and the interplay of players.

Collaborative spirit

It's by drawing on the intelligence and experience of our partners, in a spirit of mutual reinforcement, that we increase our chances of achieving our main objective.

Our commitment charter

MerTerre is all about values and commitment.

We invite you to consult our charter to discover the commitments we make to live up to our mission.

MerTerre Commitment Charter